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Word Search "Wordsearch - Body" as worksheet (PDF)

Hidden words in this word find:
Facts about Wordsearch - Body:
  • This word search Wordsearch - Body has 8 hidden words.
  • This word find is 20 x 14 size.
  • Hidden words are printed on the worksheet.
  • There are two fields 'name' and 'date' in the header of this worksheet.
  • The hidden words are written from left to right.
  • The hidden words are written top to bottom.
  • Some of the words are written diagonally in this word search.
  • The file size of this Word Search-PDF is 247 kb
  • This Word Search has been checked automatically on 12th June 2024, 21:59. No errors were found.

You can download this word find Wordsearch - Body as a worksheet (PDF, 247 kb) for free and use it in your lessons (school) or wherever you want.

Download word seek Wordsearch - Body

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